10 Cheap & Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities

If I can find an activity that: I already have the supplies for; my girls can do without me; and is on theme with an upcoming holiday – I’m SOLD. So I went ahead and saved you some Pinterest scrolling by compiling a list of 10 cheap and easy Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities. Enjoy!

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1. Musical Hearts

This activity from No Time For Flash Cards is perfect for ALL ages, and could really be recreated for any holiday! This is a great option for those of us that have kids who are getting cabin fever and need to release some energy! You’re going to label paper hearts with an action, and “It’s just like musical chairs only when the music stops you do the task on the heart that you were standing on when you stopped.”

2. Jumping Hearts

If you get through musical hearts and your kids STILL need to release some energy, The Inspired Treehouse has something else for ya. You can even reuse your construction paper hearts for this game; just flip the activity side down!

3. Valentine’s Day Roll & Cover

Happiness is Homemade has a great (FREE!) printable game for you! Super simple: Players roll dice to try and cover up their board before the other players. I really want to know where she got those heart shaped dice from…

4. ‘I Love You To Pieces’ Valentines Printable

I cannot express to you guys how much I love a good printable, and this one from Little Learning Club is no exception! This is a great craft if you have a bunch of scrap construction paper laying around!

5. Valentine Hedgehog Craft

Fireflies and Mudpies has all the instructions (including a video) on how to create an adorable hedgehog using hearts.

6. Stamping Hearts w/ Cardboard Rolls

I know you’ve got some extra toilet paper rolls laying around – it’s time to put them to good use! Go check out Happy Hooligans‘ post on a super easy painting craft.

7. Heart Thumbprint Art

I know some of you are not fans of thumbprint art, but my kids will quietly do these for.ev.er. so I’ll always include them! For those who are willing to put up with a little mess, A Dab of Glue will Do has a great Valentine’s Day version for you!

8. Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

If you’re looking for a quiet, mess free activity, go check out I Heart Crafty Things’ post! All you’ll need is a paper plate, scissors, a hole punch and some string/yarn.

9. Valentine Sensory Bottles

You’ll never see me post a slime recipe, but I think sensory bottles are a GREAT alternative. Minimal materials, customizable, and NO MESS. Fun-A-Day has a great tutorial on how to make a Valentine themed sensory bottle.

10. “Love You to Pieces” DIY Valentine Wreath

I’m obsessed with repurposing things, and this craft will help you get rid of any old puzzles that you’ve got laying around! Or…use up puzzles that your kids have lost some pieces to LOL. Go check out The Soccer Mom’s post for directions on how to make this adorable wreath.

I hope that this list of cheap and easy Valentine’s Day crafts and activities helps keep your kids busy for a bit! PLEASE come back and tell me when you complete one of the crafts or activities!

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Don’t forget to pin this for later!

Valentine's Day Crafts Pin

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