10 Thanksgiving Games and Activities For Kids

While Thanksgiving is usually consumed with cooking and football, it’s also important to set aside time for the tiny humans in our lives! For example, my five and three-year-old can only do so much in the kitchen, and they aren’t interested in watching football. So if your kids are like mine, I’m here to help! Check out these 10 Thanksgiving games and activities for kids.

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Thanksgiving Games & Activities For Kids

1. Turkey Hunt

I LOVE this idea from The Dating Divas. This is basically an Easter egg hunt, but you’re replacing Easter eggs with little cutout turkeys. Perfect for any age, and if the weather’s nice – a way to force everyone to get some fresh air!

2. Thanksgiving Color By Number

My five-year-old is OBSESSED with the color by number sheets from Totschooling. This pack of five (FREE) sheets is a great way to keep the kids occupied while you’re busy in the kitchen. The pack includes a: turkey (bird), turkey (cooked), pilgrim boy, pilgrim girl, and a ship.

3. Stuff the Turkey

Another great game for ALL ages (even adults). This tossing game idea from Kid Friendly Things to Do uses materials that you probably already have in your house, and is simple enough for even the littlest guests to play. Give each person a minute to toss as many in as they can, and the person that gets the most is the winner!

4. Autumn Tree Q-Tip Painting

This idea from Woo Jr. takes a little adult set-up (and supervision), but come on: what kid doesn’t love playing with paint!?

5. Turkey Tag

If your kids need to blow of some steam, Teach Beside Me has your back. First, everyone makes their own turkey tail feathers, which are attached to clothes pins. Next, clip the feathers to the back of everyone’s coats and get chasing! Crafting and exercising in one activity? YES PLEASE.

6. Free Printable I Spy Thanksgiving Activity

Paper Trail Design is another printable website that my five-year-old loves. There are I Spy pages for every holiday and theme that you can imagine, and they’re FREE.

7. Feed the Turkey

Fan favorite Busy Toddler has something for tiny, busy hands. Grab some pompoms, a water bottle, googly eyes, and some tongs; then you’re read to set-up this game!

8. Thanksgiving Charades

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids has Thanksgiving charades covered! There are over 50 printable clues provided for you, so all you need to do is print and cut. And hey, cutting out 50+ cards could keep a kid or two occupied for a while ahead of time!

9. Thanksgiving Bingo

Crazy Little Projects has a set of eight, FREE Thanksgiving Bingo cards for you! Make it even more fun by using candy for the bingo pieces.

10. The Gratitude Game: Pick-Up Sticks

If you’re looking for a fun way to include a discussion of gratitude into the day (it is Thanksgiving, after all), try this Pick-Up Sticks game from Teach Beside Me!

Do you have any other Thanksgiving games and activities for kids that you love? Share them in the comments!

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Thanksgiving Games & Activities For Kids

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