10 Things to Buy at Costco This Summer

If we haven’t met yet – hi! My name is Kelsie, and Costco is my second home LOL. As the seasons change, I’m always on the hunt for all the new stuff at Costco. This is my round up of things to buy at Costco this summer (2020). I’ve divided them in categories for easier browsing.

While Costco ships for free, please note that many items have had their prices adjusted to build in that shipping cost. Most of these items will be cheaper if you make a trip to the store!

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Clothing & Accessories:

  • MPG Ladies Sleeveless Dress ($15.99): I grabbed this baby in blue and now I want to go back and get ALL the colors. Online they’re selling blue and gray, but just the other day in my store I saw it in black! This thing is CRAZY soft, has pockets and also removable bra pads #winning. Available in sizes XS-2XL.
  • Sketchers Athletic Line ($9.97 and up): Last month I got practically everything in this line because I was so impressed. I can only link the top (the leggings aren’t on the website anymore), but check your local store, because mine still had a bit of everything! You’ll find a faux knot top in a few colors, plus gorgeous floral + black leggings. I went true to size on all of this and it’s holding up really well.
  • Children’s 4 Piece Pj Sets ($15.99 online, $13.99 in-store): I ALWAYS get my kids’ pjs from Costco, because you just can’t beat the price. When they were littler I always got the Carters sets, but now that they’re bigger we’re into the character sets! This summer you’ll find Minnie Mouse on a Unicorn, Anna & Elsa, Spider Man, and Paw Patrol. These come in sizes 2T-7.
  • Children’s 3 Piece Bathing Suits: I don’t have a link for these, as they’re no longer on the website, but check your local store because mine still has them! I get these every year, because no one else can beat the price (or quality). I want to say they’re around $15, but don’t quote me because I bought mine last month! They come with a bottom (skort for girls, shorts for boys), a rash guard top, and a hat! These come in sizes 2T-7.
  • Black Velvet Hangers ($25.80 per 100): This is hands down the best deal you’ll find on velvet hangers. If you’re buying online you’re going to be forced to purchase two 50 packs. If you’re in the store, you can buy an individual box of 50 hangers. Watch these, because they’ll often go on sale in-store, too!

Food & Home Goods:

  • Welch’s Organic Juice Ice Bars, 52 ct ($13.19, $0.25 each): My kids LOVE these, and I love that they are organic and made from 100% juice.
  • Adult Vodka Popsicles ($16.99 or $19.99 depending on the brand): These are an item that you can’t order online (for obvious reasons) so you’ll have to venture out to the store! But let me tell ya, it’s worth the trip 😉
  • Plastic Color Changing Cups ($14.99): This is probably the biggest thing to score at Costco this summer. No link for these, BUT I’m still seeing them in my local store at the time of this post. For $14.99 you’ll get a set of 12 cups (three each of orange, green, purple & blue).


  • Premier Pet Dog Toy Bundle, Ball and 32 Rings ($16.49): We got a puppy this summer, and I did NOT want to get a Kong to fill with peanut butter. We did that with our last dog and it was just too much of a mess. Then I saw this thing at Costco, and decided “what the heck?”. Well, I have NOT been disappointed. Our sweet girl is very entertained by it. I want to say in the store I paid more like $12.99 for it.
  • Plants & bulbs ($11.90 and up): We’ve finally reached the most important thing on my list of things to buy at Costco this summer… Houseplants have been very popular this year and Costco is here to feed your addiction. I personally have snagged: a fiddle leaf fig, a bird of paradise, a marble queen pothos, and a few varieties of snake plants! There have also been a ton of other indoor options throughout the summer. I have found that if you’re serious about this, you’ve gotta be making weekly trips to Costco. Or, swap weeks with a friend so that you can take turns checking out the selection! I went two Fridays in a row (because I’d forgotten something the previous Friday -_-) and they had a whole new offering of indoor plants a week later!
Refillable Dog Chew Toy

What do you think of my list of things to buy at Costco this summer? Would you add anything else?

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