12 Things to Organize For a Fresh Start in the New Year

As the holiday decorations start to get put away, you’re probably thinking ahead to the new year. A new year means an opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start. And as you work towards that fresh start, you’re probably looking for organization projects to tackle around the house. But what’s going to provide the biggest transformation? What should you organize first? Keep reading for my list of 12 things to organize for a fresh start in the new year!

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I chose these 12 things, because in my opinion, they are things that you’re using on a daily basis. So by getting them organized NOW, you’ll be saving yourself time and energy down the road. This list is in no particular order, so pick and choose what will relieve the most stress for you! And don’t feel like it all needs to get done in one day, tackle one project at a time.

12 Things To Organize For A Fresh Start in the New Year

  1. Kitchen Pantry; read my post on how to quickly organize your kitchen pantry HERE.
  2. Spice Cabinet
  3. Fridge / Freezer
  4. Junk Drawer
  5. Paperwork / Filing Cabinet
  6. Craft Supplies
  7. Garage and/or Basement Storage
  8. Linen Closet
  9. Children’s Toys and Books; check out my post on starting a toy rotation HERE.
  10. Your Wardrobe; read my post on wardrobe purging HERE.
  11. Your cell phone and /or tablet (pictures, apps, etc.)
  12. The digital files and photos on your laptop / computer; read my sisters post on photo storage and archival HERE.

So what do you think you’ll tackle first? Maybe it’s not even on this list! I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Don’t forget to pin this for later!

12 Things to Organize Pin

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