35 Inexpensive Self-Care Activities

Moms tend to put everyone else first. It’s in our nature, we’re the caretakers. But it’s time to start dedicating time to taking care of YOU. I know that it’s hard to escape your house (because, kids), so to help you come up with what to do, I’m going to give a list of 35 inexpensive self-care activities. And NO, I do not count a shower as self-care, because everyone should be able to take a damn shower in peace!

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Inexpensive Self-Care Activities

Beauty & Spa Activities

1.Paint Your Nails / Toe Nails

2. Do a Face Mask

3. Take a Bubble Bath

4. Get a Massage

5. Diffuse Essential Oils

6. Light your favorite candle

7. Experiment with your makeup

Crafting Activities

8. Adult Coloring Books

9. Try a new craft

10. Practice a craft that you love

11. Create a vision board

Exercise Activities

12. Take a walk

13. Workout

14. Stretch/ practice yoga

15. Practice breathing techniques

16. Meditate

17. Dance to your favorite music

18. Do some gardening

Entertainment Activities

19. Read a book

20. Watch your favorite show or movie

21. Journal

22. Listen to relaxing music

23. Listen to your favorite podcast

24. Listen to an audio book

Food Activities

25. Make some tea or coffee

26. Indulge in your favorite meal or snack

27. Cook a new meal

More Self-Care Activities

28. Take a nap

29. Call someone you love

30. Write down 10 things that you’re grateful for

31. Spend time with friends

32. Unplug from technology

33. Go for a drive

34. De-clutter an area of your home

35. Purge your social media accounts

I hope that this list gives you some ideas to jumpstart your self care! As you can see, there are plenty of inexpensive self-care activities that you can do right at home! What’s your favorite self-care activity?

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Inexpensive Self-Care Ideas

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