Purging Your Closet

6 Questions To Ask Yourself While Purging Your Closet

Are you feeling overwhelmed while purging your closet? You’re trying to sort through things to determine whether they’re worth keeping, and that means analyzing: the condition, the monetary value, the emotional value… Halfway through you start second guessing all of your decisions, and then eventually you just give up. If you want to make it through purging your closet, you need to ask yourself these six questions.

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1. Does this Fit?

I know this seems like an obvious one, but this is where A LOT of people use excuses. Maybe the clothes are too small and you keep telling yourself you’ll “get back to that size”. Or, maybe you’re holding onto clothes that are too big “just in case”.

I held onto a lot of pre-pregnancy clothes for years before I was finally able to accept that my body was just never going to be a size four again. Looking at those clothes for the last time, I just couldn’t figure out how I’d ever been that tiny.

Our bodies change, we’re human. IT’S OK. But, I don’t want clothes that are the wrong size hogging up your closet (or your mind). If the piece of clothing is more than one size above, or below, your current size: You need to let it go.

2. When is the last time that I wore this?

Part of this will obviously depend on where you live.

If you live somewhere with similar temperatures year round, and you haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing in over four months: You need to let it go.

If you live somewhere with multiple seasons, be honest with yourself. Did you wear this sweater at all during the colder months? What about that tank top during the warmer months? If you can’t remember if you wore that piece of clothing during the appropriate season: Let it go.

My trick for this is to turn all your hangers around, or fold everything inside out. Then, when you wear that piece of clothing turn the hanger back around and fold it right side out. Every four months, or new season, do an assessment on what you didn’t wear (and then let it go).

3. Is this damaged? Do I care enough to have it repaired?

Whyyy do we hang onto damaged things!? If the piece of clothing, or accessory, is damaged in any way, you really need to ask yourself:

  • Can it actually be fixed?
  • Do you know someone who can fix it?
  • Do you have the time to take it to that someone to get it fixed?
  • Are you willing to pay to have it fixed?

If you answer “no” to those questions, it’s time to let it go!

4. Does it need to be cleaned? Is it even possible to clean it?

If you’ve tried to remove the stain and it hasn’t come out, you have two options: Take it to the cleaners to see if they can work any magic OR just let it go.

5. Is it valuable, and should I have it stored in a safer place?

Things that come to mind for this question are: formal dresses and jewelry. Make sure that you’ve got your valuable clothing and accessories stored somewhere safe!

If you have valuable items that you don’t plan on wearing ever again, or that don’t have any emotional value, it’s time to consider donating and/or selling them.

6. For Accessories: Do I have both pieces / all the parts?

Do you have both earrings? What about both shoes? If the answer is “no” – then you know what you’ve gotta do!

So what do you think? Will these questions help you stay on task!?

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