A Breakdown of Our IKEA Playroom

Our playroom is one of the most “done” rooms in our house, and I’m pretty proud of it! It lacks some wall art, but the girls usually just hang up their artwork – and I’m fine with that for now! I know parents are often looking for playroom inspiration, so here’s a breakdown of our IKEA playroom!

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IKEA Playroom Pin

Our Playroom

As you can see, pretty much everything in our playroom is from IKEA! The only things NOT from IKEA are: the couch, TV, mounted book shelves, and toys. Oh, and the felt calendar that you see in the third photo is from buybuyBaby!

The most important part of our playroom is the TROFAST storage units. We secured two of them together to form a square, which created the perfect play table. I love the height of these – just right for toddlers! The plastic bins come in fun colors, which change every season. Because they’re plastic, they’re easy to wipe down and clean! You’d be surprised what you find at the bottom of them after a few months….

IKEA Playroom Bins

I created my own (printable) labels, which I then put inside these self-adhesive labels from Amazon, which I stick right onto the bins themselves. I opted for words and pictures, because I did not want to hear excuses like “But, I don’t know where this goes!” -_- This system allows me to easily change out the labels when we get new toys, etc. Want to grab my printable labels for FREE? Click HERE.

Hot Tip! Put the printed out labels inside the plastic sleeves BEFORE you stick them onto the bins – way easier!

Self-Adhesive Playroom Labels

Dress-Up Storage

IKEA Playroom Ideas

I’ve got two girls, so obviously we have a ridiculous amount of dress-up clothes. Before this set-up, I just had bins that all the dress-up clothes lived in. It was a real PIA, because when the girls wanted something they’d dump ALL the bins out onto the floor to find whatever it was. Something had to change!

By hanging the clothes on the MULIG clothes bar, they can just swipe through and find what they want. I also have the TJUSIG for all purses and bags. I did keep one bin below it all, for anything awkward like a tutu, or bag that they have trouble hanging. My goal is to keep as much stuff off the floor as possible!

Craft / Homework Area

This is a new addition for us, but it had to happen. The girls were either crafting in the kitchen or on my desk, and the invasion was getting out of control. Now they have their own area to make a mess, and I can turn a blind eye, because it’s in the playroom LOL.

I love these PAHL desks, because they have three adjustable heights! They also have some different leg colors for them, and a couple different lengths. They’re easy to wipe down – which you know I love! Another bonus: The legs double as toy storage LOL.

For craft supply storage I used a combination of the SUNNERSTA system and the famous BEKVAM spice racks.

The yellow TERTIAL lamps were on sale at the warehouse, but it looks like they’ve got a few other color options on the website!

My Favorite Booshelves

Ana White Inspired Bookshelves

Josh built the mounted bookshelves using some Ana White plans, which you can check out HERE. The great thing about these is that you don’t need a chunky bookshelf taking up valuable play space! AND if you’ve got younger readers who aren’t as gentle on books, you can get the books up out of reach.

Under the shelves I have a beanbag and some pillows, to encourage the girls to just chill. I also strategically placed them beside the couch, so that when an adult is trying to catch a break and the kids demand a book, the books are just a short arms-length away.

I hope that this gave you some ideas for your own IKEA playroom! Do you already have IKEA pieces in your playroom? I’d love to hear about it!

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IKEA Playroom Pin

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