A Review of Moshi: The Sleep and Mindfulness App for Kids

Our five-year-old has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), which used to make bedtime REALLY difficult. If she could hear us downstairs she’d be at her door asking “What are you doing? What are you watching? Who are you talking to?”. She just couldn’t shut that little brain off. Every night was an hour long struggle to get her settled and asleep. It was exhausting, ridiculously stressful, and we hated ourselves every night for getting mad and yelling at her just GET.IN.BED. I started doing some research on a solution and came across the Moshi app. Moshi has SAVED OUR SANITY, and I want to take some time to tell you all about it; because every parent deserves a stress free bedtime routine.

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What is Moshi?

Mosh is an audio only app that you can download on any device with an app store (Apple or Android). It’s audio only on purpose; the creators at Moshi know we don’t need more screen time at bedtime!

The app has over 70 hours of:

  • Stories (some stories are even read by Goldie Hawn and Patrick Stewart!)
  • Music
  • Meditations
  • and Sounds

And every week new content gets added to the app! You can play something alone, choose from a pre-built playlist OR build your own play list.

What We Love About Moshi

  1. It works. We went from hour long fights to get our daughter to sleep, to her being asleep in under 30 minutes (with no fighting!). Moshi provides her with a distraction every night; a distraction that relaxes her brain enough to fall asleep peacefully.
  2. She can choose what she wants to listen to. Our daughter loves building a play list every night. She does a mix of all four categories (stories, music, meditations and sounds). I think she just enjoys the sense of control it gives her.
  3. We can set it, and forget it. We have the app on an old iPad, which sits in our upstairs hallway. Then, we have a small (and cheap) bluetooth speaker in our daughter’s room. Once we hit “play” we don’t have to touch it for the rest of the night. When it gets to the end of the play list, the app shuts down the iPad goes into sleep mode. No iPad babysitting required!

How much does it cost?

The app is free to download and includes some free content. But we prefer the premium, paid option so that we have access to their complete library. Their premium option is $39.99 a year, or about 11 cents a day. And guys, an easy bedtime is 100% worth 11 cents a day!

They do offer a 7-day free trial, BUT as a premium member I have a code to share with you for a free MONTH of Moshi! Simply click here to redeem it.

For more information on the Moshi app, visit their FAQ page.

I truly hope that the Moshi app can help you, like it did us.

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