I’m a mom to two strong-willed girls, wife to a Navy Veteran, dog mom to a sweet rescue pup, and plant mom to about 50 houseplants. I love all things planners, notebooks, calendars, post-it notes and Sharpies. I enjoy Netflix binges, fantasy novels, and long walks in Costco. My mission is to help busy stay-at-home moms reclaim their time and energy with organization techniques and time saving routines. I’m here to help you conquer your chaos.

Pink Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Checklist

There are many areas of your house that naturally get neglected over the cooler months. But as the warmer weather creeps up on us, it’s time to make a plan for what needs your attention. To help you organize your thoughts, I’ve created a spring cleaning checklist, which includes over 20 things that (probably) need cleaning! This cleaning list is not meant to overwhelm you; take these things one day at a time!

Asana on A Laptop

Why I Love the Asana Task Management App

If you’re a tech loving mama that’s looking for a new way to organize her to-do list, it’s time for you to meet my favorite task management app: Asana! It’s the best app (that I’ve found) to help combat the feeling of overwhelm that usually accompanies a long to-do list. Oh, and did I mention: IT’S FREE!

Habit Tracker on a Pink Desk

What is a Habit Tracker?

Do you have trouble following through on new habits, or goals? Maybe you start out really strong, but then a few weeks in you’ve lost some steam…you miss a day…and then another…and by the end of the month you’ve given up altogether. I see it happen all.the.time. You’re not alone! Holding yourself accountable can be really uncomfortable and challenging. If the scenario above sounds familiar, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite things: Habit Trackers! Keep reading to find out: what a habit tracker is; what you can track with it; how to use it; and where to snag one for yourself!

Review: 1Thrive Wall Organizers

You guys know I LOVE a good command center; I believe that every family needs their own version of one. Until recently my command center was a DIY situation, where I’d compiled different pieces to make it work for us. Then, over the holidays I received some money in lieu of gifts, and I decided to splurge on an all-in-one command center that I’ve had my eyes on for almost a year… Keep reading to see before and after photos of our command center, PLUS find out why I’m obsessed with 1Thrive Wall Organizers.

My Favorite Kitchen Organization Hacks

Over winter break I decided to tackle some problem areas in my kitchen. Things like drawers that were too full, spice racks that were overflowing, glassware that we weren’t using, etc. I documented the process so that I could come over to the blog and share some of my favorite kitchen organization hacks with you! Keep reading for photos and product links.

12 Things to Organize For a Fresh Start in the New Year

As the holiday decorations start to get put away, you’re probably thinking ahead to the new year. A new year means an opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start. And as you work towards that fresh start, you’re probably looking for organization projects to tackle around the house. But what’s going to provide the biggest transformation? What should you organize first? Keep reading for my list of 12 things to organize for a fresh start in the new year!

Christmas Cookies Flat Lay

24 Days of Cookies – My Version of an Advent Calendar

We are BIG advent calendar people, but this year I couldn’t find anything for myself. So during one of my bouts of insomnia, I had an idea to bake a different batch of cookies every day, instead! You heard me, 24 days of cookies! I wanted to share all the recipes I’m trying, so I’ll be updating this post daily during the month of December.

A Review of Moshi: The Sleep and Mindfulness App for Kids

Our five-year-old has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), which used to make bedtime REALLY difficult. If she could hear us downstairs she’d be at her door asking “What are you doing? What are you watching? Who are you talking to?”. She just couldn’t shut that little brain off. Every night was an hour long struggle to get her settled and asleep. It was exhausting, ridiculously stressful, and we hated ourselves every night for getting mad and yelling at her just GET.IN.BED. I started doing some research on a solution and came across the Moshi app. Moshi has SAVED OUR SANITY, and I want to take some time to tell you all about it; because every parent deserves a stress free bedtime routine.

family building snowman

24 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

As a young family, it can be hard to balance the holiday traditions that you grew up with and the new holiday traditions that you’d like to start with your kids. Or, maybe you didn’t have many holiday traditions growing up and you want to change that with your kids. Either way, I hope this list of 24 holiday traditions helps you come up with some new things to try!

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