A Review of Moshi: The Sleep and Mindfulness App for Kids

Our five-year-old has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), which used to make bedtime REALLY difficult. If she could hear us downstairs she’d be at her door asking “What are you doing? What are you watching? Who are you talking to?”. She just couldn’t shut that little brain off. Every night was an hour long struggle to get her settled and asleep. It was exhausting, ridiculously stressful, and we hated ourselves every night for getting mad and yelling at her just GET.IN.BED. I started doing some research on a solution and came across the Moshi app. Moshi has SAVED OUR SANITY, and I want to take some time to tell you all about it; because every parent deserves a stress free bedtime routine.

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24 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

As a young family, it can be hard to balance the holiday traditions that you grew up with and the new holiday traditions that you’d like to start with your kids. Or, maybe you didn’t have many holiday traditions growing up and you want to change that with your kids. Either way, I hope this list of 24 holiday traditions helps you come up with some new things to try!

10 Thanksgiving Games and Activities For Kids

While Thanksgiving is usually consumed with cooking and football, it’s also important to set aside time for the tiny humans in our lives! For example, my five and three-year-old can only do so much in the kitchen, and they aren’t interested in watching football. So if your kids are like mine, I’m here to help! Check out these 10 Thanksgiving games and activities for kids.

10 Holiday Recipes to Make With Your Kids

10 Holiday Recipes To Make with Your Kids

Something that I love about the holidays is all the cooking! And while the cooking can add up, and get stressful, it can also provide you with a chance to make some memories. I want to encourage you to bring your kids into the kitchen with you whenever you (safely) can, and the holidays are no different! Need some ideas? Check out these 10 holiday recipes to make with your kids!

Five Gift Rule

The Five Gift Rule: How to Curb Your Christmas Spending

As parents, it’s SO EASY to get carried away at Christmas. We get caught up in that Christmas magic; it’s just so fun to buy things for our kids! As we shop we’re anticipating their joy when they open everything. But what’s the consequence? We inevitably spend too much money, and we fill our house with more stuff. Not to mention, our kids usually have other people ALSO shopping for them; so there’s no reason we have to go overboard with our shopping! This year, I want you to try the “five gift rule”! So…what is the five gift rule?

Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

How to Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

I know the scene: You’re busy in the kitchen and your kids are off raising hell somewhere else in the house. You run off to see what the problem is, meanwhile something in the kitchen starts burning or boiling over. So why not get your kids involved in the kitchen? There are a lot of lessons to be learned while cooking, which is why I’m a big advocate for getting your kids in the kitchen at a young age. I can sense your terror and anxiety right now, but I promise that there are plenty of things that they can (safely) help you with!

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