Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale

Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale

As I continue on my journey of becoming a plant mom, I’m always looking for new plant related events + places to shop! Thanks to some local Facebook groups, I discovered the Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale! When I Googled the event (because isn’t that what we all do?) I found literally nothing about it besides how to register. After visiting, I found it completely unacceptable that there wasn’t a million people talking about this event! So I feel that it’s my duty as a resident of Cincinnati, and a good plant mom, to write about it.

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Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale

How do you register for the Native Plant Sale?

Visit the Cincinnati Zoo’s Botanical Garden Events website to grab your FREE ticket. The sale runs every year, starting in the spring and ending about mid-autumn. When you register you’ll choose a time slot to attend the event, so that they can provide adequate crowd control. They are also asking that you wear a mask and socially distance during the sale.

Where is the Native Plant Sale?

The Native Plant Sale takes place at the Zoo’s Bowyer Farm, which is located at 2210 Mason Montgomery Road, Lebanon, OH.

What’s for sale at the Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale?

The plants available for sale are all outdoor plants, shrubs and trees. There were six, large greenhouses open for shopping. About half of which were filled with native perennials, one of which was filled with trees and shrubs, and one of which was filled with “proven winners” (think hydrangeas, roses, etc.).

The zoo’s website describes the available plants as: “a wide selection of reasonably priced, well-grown, hard to find, and ecologically important native plants.”

Each plant had a sign that included the name and care requirements, and often a mature picture of it. Each greenhouse also had it’s own binder so that you could quickly look for something specific. There was plenty of staff there to help you hunt something down, or to pepper with questions about what would be the best fit for your garden.

There were plenty of carts available to use while shopping; trust me, you’ll need one!

How much are the plants?

The prices at the 2020 sale were as follows:

  • Perennials ($10 each)
  • Trees & Shrubs ($20 each)
  • Proven Winners ($30 each)

Credit Cards were the accepted form of payment at the sale.

If you’re available on any of the dates, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out! Even if you don’t find something to purchase, the staff there has a wealth of knowledge to help you with your gardening needs.

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Cincinnati Zoo Native Plant Sale

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