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Create Your Own (FREE) Toy Washing Station!

We’re not even halfway through the summer and my kids are already complaining that they’re bored. So it’s time to get creative! A toy washing station will keep my kids occupied for quite a while and I don’t have to buy ANYTHING. I use things that I’ve already got at home!

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  • Plastic Bins / Containers
  • Scrub Brushes / Wash Cloths / Sponges
  • Tap Water
  • Dish Soap or Bath Bubbles
  • Plastic Toys that can get wet
Toy Washing Station

All you need to do is put some dish soap (or bath bubbles) into a plastic container, and fill it with tap water. If you want, you can then set it inside a larger container so that when they’re done “washing” the toys they can set them aside. I use foil casserole containers, or if I don’t have any of those, I give them an ice tray to set next to the washing bin!

Let them pick out some water friendly toys (like Little People, or plastic food from their play kitchen), give them a scrub brush (or a sponge, or a washcloth), and let them go wild. For us, this is strictly an outside activity, because my kids are insane and get water everywhere. I’d also recommend bathing suits. Bonus: Doing it outside means that I don’t have to worry about any clean-up afterwards!

And the thing that I love most about this activity? When your kids are done playing, the toys they’ve been using have actually been cleaned! I mean, they won’t necessarily have been “sanitized”, but it’s more water and soap than those toys have probably seen in a while! P.S. If you’re someone who’s actively cleaning toys, you’re my hero.

Have you ever set-up a toy washing station? What do you do differently? I’d love to hear more ideas!

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Toy Washing Station Pin

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