Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

How to Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

I know the scene: You’re busy in the kitchen and your kids are off raising hell somewhere else in the house. You run off to see what the problem is, meanwhile something in the kitchen starts burning or boiling over. So why not get your kids involved in the kitchen? There are a lot of lessons to be learned while cooking, which is why I’m a big advocate for getting your kids in the kitchen at a young age. I can sense your terror and anxiety right now, but I promise that there are plenty of things that they can (safely) help you with!

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Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Why You Should Let Your Kids Help

There are three main reasons I want you to get your kids involved in the kitchen:

  1. Time to bond: My kids are always excited to hang out with me during what they interpret as an “adult” activity. They are proud to help cook our food. And I feel good about teaching them such an important life skill. With all those emotions floating around, special moments are bound to happen.
  2. They’ll Get Adventurous: Because they’ve helped you prepare the meal, they’ll feel a sense of ownership over the food. Why is this important? Because then they’ll be more willing to try the food! I was AMAZED when one day one five-year-old actually tried bell peppers! So is a little extra mess and stress in the kitchen worth it if she’s going to try new foods? In my opinion, HELL YES.
  3. You Can Keep An Eye On Them: If they’re in the kitchen with you, they’re not off destroying something else!

Safe Kitchen Tasks for Your Little Sous-Chef

These are just a few options, but they’re are safe for all ages!

  1. Scooping & Measuring: This is something that doesn’t require a ton of technique, but lets kids get right into the mix of things #momjokes. This is also an opportunity for a math lesson. For really little kids you can just focus on counting each scoop, but if they’re a bit older work on those fractions!
  2. Mixing: Yes, this is an opportunity for more mess to happen, but it’s a pretty harmless activity! And I don’t know why, but every kid wants to mix.
  3. Sorting: Something that my five-year-old looooves to do is help me sort out cut veggies. She likes to talk about the colors they are, lay them out in patterns, and count them. And what do I care? She can’t hurt them!
  4. Washing Dishes: Again, there’s potential for some mess here, but at least it’s only soap and water! Hell, my floors could use the wipe down LOL.

If your kids are older, I’d let them get more involved around the stove and/or with cutting. Again, we’re working on life skills here mama!

How do you get your kids involved in the kitchen? Share with me in the comments!

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Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

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