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How To Start A Children’s Gratitude Journal

School looks different for everyone this year. Whether you’re doing in-person, virtual, hybrid or homeschooling, things are stressful. The important thing for parents to remember is that kids are resilient. We need to love on them, and support them, and know that they’ll be ok. In fact, they’ll probably be more ok than us adults! And even though 2020 has been one shit storm after another, it’s our job as parents to keep a positive atmosphere going at home. One of the ways we can do that is by starting a children’s gratitude journal.

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Children's Gratitude Journal

One night I had an epiphany that if adults are being encouraged to write down what they’re grateful for, because of it’s positive impact on their mental health, then we should ALSO be encouraging our kids to do the same!

Why You Should Start A Children’s Gratitude Journal

By writing down what we’re grateful for on a daily basis, we are forcing our brain to focus on the happy and positive parts of our day. Many studies have proven that the simple act of writing down what you’re grateful for greatly reduces your stress levels. And in 2020, I’m looking for aaaanything to help in that department!

Our kids are stressed right now, too. Maybe not about the same things, but with all the uncertainty in the air, they’re definitely feeling “off”. So why not help them refocus on the positive things in their lives with a children’s gratitude journal?

A fun bonus of this practice is that you’ll be able to look back on this journal throughout the school year!

How to Start

First, snag my FREE printable. If your child still isn’t ready to write on their own, you can write their answers for them OR they can draw a picture as their answer! The page has blank lines for names and dates, so if you have multiple children everyone can have their own page AND you can use it any time of the year.

To help make this part of your routine, pick a time of day for “journal time”. Maybe that’s as a family during or after dinner, right after they complete their school work – whatever works best for your family! My main recommendation is that it’s at the same time every day so that it becomes a habit.

Do your children have a gratitude journal? What tips do you have for someone just starting one?

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Children's Gratitude Journal

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