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The Master Plan to Conquering Your Chaos

My goal is to help you start feeling better about all of the things that you’ve got on your plate.

 In order to do that, I have divided a mother’s chaos into five categories. While I recommend that these be completed in order, you are free to work on whatever stage you want once inside the membership. As you complete each stage, you’ll continue to free up more of your time and energy. 

Stage 1: Stabilize Your Schedule

Design a routine that brings some joy to your day. In this stage we cover command centers, digital + paper planners and how to properly prioritize your to-do lists. 

Stage 2: Mastering Meal Planning

Learn how to build a meal plan that works for your family; saving you time, money and stress. In this stage I teach you my six-step method to planning a month's worth of dinners in under an hour!

Stage 3: Establish Self-Care Routines

Start feeling more like yourself by getting consistent sleep and introducing self-care routines. In this stage you'll start a sleep / wake routine, set self-care goals, and get consistent with self-care. 

Stage 4: Harmonize Your Home

Organize your home room-by-room, and take the guesswork out of cleaning by establishing a schedule. In this stage I'll provide with you with cleaning + purging checklists to help you stay on task!

Stage 5: Get Social

Start reserving time for adult only activities: date night, girls' night, etc. In this stage we'll work on building ADULT ONLY socialization into your schedule. And don't worry, the craziness of the pandemic has been factored into this stage!

Plus Bonus Topics!

I know that there are certain times of the year that require extra chaos control. I'm talking back-to-school, the holidays, summer break, etc. During those times of the year you'll receive bonus content to help you stay on track! 

How Can the Perennial Mom Squad Help You?

Take this quiz to find out what area of chaos you’ll need to focus on conquering once inside the membership. 

Meet Kelsie, Founder of the Perennial Mom Squad:

Hi, friends! My name is Kelsie Ruoff, and I’m here to help you conquer your chaos!

I’m a mom to two strong-willed girls, wife to a Navy Veteran, dog mom to a sweet rescue pup, and plant mom to about 80 houseplants. I love all things planners, notebooks, calendars, post-it notes and Sharpies. I enjoy Netflix binges, fantasy novels, and long walks in Costco.

For the past four years I was very involved in the fashion industry, even owning my own online boutique! When COVID-19 hit everything changed, and life took me in a new direction. I had to dig deep to figure out what I was truly passionate about…to figure out what value I could bring to the women in my life.

Now, I’m focused on using my Type-A, obsessive, list loving personality to help moms conquer their chaos. My mission is to help busy moms reclaim their time and energy with organization techniques and time saving routines.

When you join my community you can expect a lot of: laughter, love and support.