My Favorite Kitchen Organization Hacks

Over winter break I decided to tackle some problem areas in my kitchen. Things like drawers that were too full, spice racks that were overflowing, glassware that we weren’t using, etc. I documented the process so that I could come over to the blog and share some of my favorite kitchen organization hacks with you! Keep reading for photos and product links.

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Relocating my Measuring Cups + Spoons

Hanging Measuring Cups
Hanging Measuring Spoons

During my advent cookie baking, I was getting really sick and tired of having to dig my measuring cups and spoons out of an overflowing kitchen gadget drawer. For easier access, I decided to get them out of the drawer and hung them on the inside of the kitchen cabinets above that same area. This was a really quick and easy project, but MAN has it made such an impact when I’m cooking!

I used these hooks to hang them (affiliate link). The backs are clear, and they can be easily removed and repositioned (meaning no damage to the cabinets!).

Tip: I also put furniture foot pads behind each spoon / cup, so that they didn’t bang against the cabinet every time someone opened them. It does shock you the first few times that you open the cabinets LOL. We also had to make some space on the measuring cup side, because the bigger cups were pressing up against the glasses in that cabinet.

Side note: I’ve also used these hooks to hang things next to my daughter’s desk for virtual schooling, and on the back of my pantry door for Norwex cloths 🙂 So they work for more than just kitchen organization hacks!

Repurposing My Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer
Kitchen Gadget Drawer

Remember that overflowing kitchen gadget drawer I mentioned? That was next on my list. There was simply too much stuff in there; and a lot of it was stuff that I wasn’t using! So my plan was to purge that drawer, and move everything into a smaller drawer.

The first thing I had to do was clear out one of my kitchen’s junk drawers. While my other junk drawers have a theme (I have an entire drawer dedicated to hair ties and headbands #girlmom), I did have a drawer that was collecting truly random stuff. I cleared that drawer of random stuff, wiped it down, and then it became my kitchen gadget drawer.

This cost me nothing but my time! It’s so nice to be able to grab something without digging in an overflowing drawer.

Converting from a Spice Cabinet to a Spice Drawer

My spice cabinet was a disaster. Jars of too many shapes and sizes meant I always had to pull everything out to find what I needed. Or, I’d end up purchasing a spice that I already had, because I couldn’t locate in the mess.

So once I’d moved the measuring spoons and kitchen gadgets, I had a huge empty drawer… Now it was time to build my dream spice drawer.

I ordered two things:

  1. Two of these drawer inserts (affiliate link). That gave me four total pieces for my wide drawer; for smaller drawers you’d just need one set.
  2. This spice jar kit (affiliate link). I chose it because: It had a funnel, pre-printed labels, blank labels + a chalk pen, AND different top inserts to choose from. I pre-counted how many different spices I had, so that I knew how big of a kit I needed. There are actually a ton to choose from if you need less jars! I had a few extras that I used for sprinkles.

I’m not kidding when I say this was the best money that I’ve ever spent in my kitchen! I love that I can quickly see what spices I have (I put them in alphabetical order). AND I love that these containers are clear so that I can see how much of a spice I have. My previous containers were solid and it was such a PIA!

Relocating All of My Oils, Vinegars, Etc.

Spice Cabinet
Spice Cabinet

Once my spice cabinet was empty, I was able to move all of my oils, vinegars, etc. into that empty cabinet. Prior to that, they were all living above my microwave, and I needed a stool to reach them! #nothanks The cabinets above the microwave still hold a few things, but only things that I’m not using on the regular.

I hope that this article gave you some ideas for quick organization projects in your kitchen! I’d love to hear about some of your favorite kitchen organization hacks in the comments!

I didn’t cover pantry organization in this post because I have a separate article dedicated to it.

Head over HERE for more organization content.

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