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My Favorite Places to Buy Houseplants in Cincinnati

I want to start out by saying that this is not a comprehensive list of ALL your options for buying houseplants in Cincinnati. These are just the ones that I have experience with and keep going back to! Now, let me assist you in getting your houseplant shop on 😀

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Houseplants in Cincinnati

Fleurish Grounds

This is a new company that operates off of Instagram. You can follow them over HERE.

Every Tuesday at 9am she releases a new “plant drop” in her Instagram stories. Simply browse through her stories and reply “sold” to the plant that you want! Once she’s confirmed your purchases, you can pay via Venmo and then she has scheduled pick-up times at her house in Cincinnati.

She has also started doing “open plant drops” on the weekends at her place. She has this adorable little garage that’s been turned into a plant shop for you to browse!


  • She always has a really unique assortment of things, ranging from common houseplants to really more unique stuff.
  • She has started carrying pots! She’s really becoming a one-stop shop for all your houseplant needs.
  • She will hunt stuff down for you. Let her know what you’re looking for and she’ll do her best to find it.
  • She knows a lot about houseplants and can help you pick something for a specific area in your house.
  • She has started making plant care cards to take with your purchase! So no more guessing games on how to take care of your new baby.

Delhi Garden Center

Delhi Garden Center is actually located in Liberty Township, and is QUITE the gem. It’s GIGANTIC and carries not only houseplants, but outdoor plants as well! I was seriously shocked when I drove up and saw the size of this place. You’ve been warned: Set aside some time to browse!

You’ll find cacti, succulents, terrarium plants + kits, houseplants of ALL shapes and sizes, annuals and perennials! You’ll definitely need to grab a cart when you get there LOL.

They also have a selection of pots, gardening tools and more inside the store.


  • Shop as often as you want; they’re even open during COVID!
  • Earn Delhi Dollars, which give you a discount on a future purchase.
  • The sheer variety of plants here is AWESOME.
  • I’ve been told that when the outdoor gardening season is over, aaaall that space gets taken over by houseplants #bestillmyheart
  • You can purchase the baby version of something, OR spend some more and get a mature version of the same plant. I like having the option between both!

Home Depot & Lowe’s

While the prices at Home Depot and Lowe’s will be some of the best in town, you’ll also get what you pay for. Often these plants are neglected and need to be brought back to life. You also won’t get as much of a variety here.

My recommendation is to keep an eye on the Lowes clearance section, and just pop-in to both places often. Because if they get anything good, word spreads and everyone comes to snatch it up!

Things I’ve found there lately: String of dolphins, ZZ plant, begonias, and rubber trees. Typically you’ll see mostly succulents, with the occasional shipment of other houseplants.

Kroger & Costco

I don’t know what’s up, but all of the sudden Kroger and Costco have had some amazing things in their plant sections!

I’m used to seeing the $1 succulent deals at Kroger each year, but this year they also added giant cactus to the mix! Besides the succulents and cactus, you’ll find a few other houseplants here. They’ll be priced well, but again – not a lot of variety and you have to catch them on the right day before someone snatches everything up.

Costco has been WILD. This is actually what started my houseplant addiction. Back in March I got a bird of paradise, and then a fiddle leaf fig for INSANE prices. I’ve also seen shelves full of a variety of houseplants and succulents from time-to-time, but they do not last long. You’ve gotta catch them just at right time (or have a good friend who texts you pictures and grabs what you want).

Where do you like to buy houseplants in Cincinnati? Let me know so I can go check them out!

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Houseplants in Cincinnati

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