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You guys know I LOVE a good command center; I believe that every family needs their own version of one. Until recently my command center was a DIY situation, where I’d compiled different pieces to make it work for us. Then, over the holidays I received some money in lieu of gifts, and I decided to splurge on an all-in-one command center that I’ve had my eyes on for almost a year… Keep reading to see before and after photos of our command center, PLUS find out why I’m obsessed with 1Thrive Wall Organizers.

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Who is 1Thrive?

1Thrive is a U.S. based small business made up of, “artists, product developers, organizers, and busy moms and dads who are all focused on helping people save time.”

What do they make?

1Thrive makes a variety of all-in-one wall organizers. Each wall organizer includes some combination of: a calendar, menu board, cork board, white board, mirror, file holder, hooks, and pen cups. At the time of this post, there are nine different base designs to choose from!

1Thrive also offers a variety of accessories + add-ons like: chalk markers, 12-month calendars, decals, hook strips, file holders, envelope holders, accessory cups (to hold your markers), extra boards, and mirrors. Offering even MORE customization!

Why I Love 1Thrive Wall Organizers

Here’s why this mama is obsessed:

  1. It’s all-in-one. There’s no need to have a bunch of separate pieces hung-up anymore. These wall organizers cover everything that you’ll need in ONE piece!
  2. Super easy to install. Your 1Thrive wall organizer comes with all the installation hardware, and is SUPER easy to get up. You’re going to hang the frame on your wall, and then hook all your boards + accessories onto the frame itself. If you don’t have a space to drill into a wall, you can also get their over the door hooks to install your wall organizer.
  3. Easy to customize. They have different base options to get you started, BUT that you can also buy add-ons to really make it work for your family. And changing the design is so simple with their frame + hook combo!
  4. Design is high-end. I’m not ashamed to have this hanging right in my kitchen for guests to see; it’s beautiful!
  5. Free + Fast Shipping. Shipping is ALWAYS free (except to Alaska + Hawaii), and they’re FAST! I had my items within two weeks of ordering them. I was also impressed with how well everything was packaged; it was actually a struggle to get everything out of the box it was packed in there so well LOL.
  6. Amazing Customer Service + Support. If you have any problems will your wall organizer, their reps are ON IT. I’m a member of their free Facebook group, and I consistently see them handling problems with speed and grace.

Our Before & After Transformation

Family Command Center in Kitchen
The Kitchen is in the center of our main level.
Family Command Center in Kitchen
Our previous command center was DIY!
Family Command Center in Kitchen
Lots of pieces that I made myself, or got cheap.
1Thrive Brooke Wall Organizer
The 1Thrive “Brooke”
1Thrive Brooke Wall Organizer
1Thrive Brooke + 12 Month Calendar
1Thrive Brooke Wall Organizer
Our Final: 1Thrive Brooke + 12 Month Calendar

As you can see, our before was a little cluttered and messy; but, hey: It was budget friendly and it worked for us! I purchased “The Brooke”, plus a 12-month calendar add on to go with it. My friend Emily used her Cricut to make me some decals!

Shop for your own 1Thrive Wall Organizer using my partner link and enter code THRIVE2021 at checkout to save 10% on your entire 1THRIVE order!

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1Thrive Wall Organizer Brooke Review Pin

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