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Spring Cleaning Checklist

There are many areas of your house that naturally get neglected over the cooler months. But as the warmer weather creeps up on us, it’s time to make a plan for what needs your attention. To help you organize your thoughts, I’ve created a spring cleaning checklist, which includes over 20 things that (probably) need cleaning! This cleaning list is not meant to overwhelm you; take these things one day at a time!

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here are 20+ things that you (probably) need to clean this spring:

  1. Dust Ceiling Fans
  2. Dust Vent Covers
  3. Replace HVAC Filters
  4. Wash Windows + Window Wells
  5. Clean Blinds + Wash Curtains
  6. Wipe Down Baseboards
  7. Wash Rugs + Carpets
  8. Clean Under + Behind Couches
  9. Wash Couch Pillow Covers
  10. Clean Out + Close Up Fireplace
  11. Clean Light Switches + Door Handles
  12. Wash Bedding (don’t forget to pack up heavier bedding!)
  13. Pack Up Your Winter Wardrobe (check out this post on quickly purging your wardrobe).
  14. Deep Clean Appliances (don’t forget to clean underneath, and behind them!)
  15. Deep Clean Fridge + Freezer (don’t forget to clean underneath, and behind them!)
  16. Organize + Deep Clean Pantry (check out this post on pantry organization + this post on my favorite kitchen organization hacks)
  17. Clean Cabinet Doors + Hardware
  18. Dust Above Cabinets
  19. Deep Clean Bathrooms
  20. Dispose of Expired Medicine
  21. Sort + Pack Up Your Winter Gear (donate anything that’ll be too small for your kids next year!)
  22. Clean Out Gutters
  23. Clean Out Trash & Recycling Cans

I hope that you find this spring cleaning checklist helpful! Do not let it overwhelm you! Plan to do one or two of these things a day. Would you add anything else to the checklist? Tell me in the comments!

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Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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