The 2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been quiiiite the year, am I right? A lot of small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, and that’s caused a shift in more people wanting to “shop small” to try and support them.

As the holiday season started approaching, I kept thinking, “Ok…everyone wants to shop small…but what if they aren’t familiar with any small businesses? How will they know where to shop?”. Being the insomniac that I am, I had a random idea in the middle of the night.

WHAT IF I could create a digital, small business gift guide/catalogue? You know, like the ones that Amazon, Walmart, and LEGO have been sending to your house for your kids? But this would be for adults, and all the products in it would be from a small business owner. That little spark of an idea became a flame, and I got to work. Let me tell you a little bit about the 2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide.

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2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

What business owners are featured?

There are 41 business owners in this guide, from across the U.S. Some run their own boutiques, some make their own products, and others are representing a direct sales company!

Business owners are organized by product category in the guide, making it easy for to shop.

Each business owner has their own bio, which includes their website link and email address. So if you love their products, make sure you go stalk their social channels!

What kind of products are in the guide?

Here are the product categories that you’ll find in the guide:

  • Beauty Products
  • Children’s Products
  • (Adult) Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories
  • Food & Beverage Products
  • Products for the Home
  • Handmade Products
  • Health & Wellness Products
  • Online Courses & Membership
  • Pet Products
  • Travel Services

Bonus: The guide also includes holiday tips, tricks and freebies!

How Do I Get A Copy?

If you want to snag your own copy of the 2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide, head over HERE.

The guide is in PDF format, and is CLICKABLE! See a website link? You can click on it! AND if you click on a product image it will take you to the appropriate place to make a purchase!

My hope is that you can get most of the gifts checked off your list with this hefty guide.

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2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

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