Five Gift Rule

The Five Gift Rule: How to Curb Your Christmas Spending

As parents, it’s SO EASY to get carried away at Christmas. We get caught up in that Christmas magic; it’s just so fun to buy things for our kids! As we shop we’re anticipating their joy when they open everything. But what’s the consequence? We inevitably spend too much money, and we fill our house with more stuff. Not to mention, our kids usually have other people ALSO shopping for them; so there’s no reason we have to go overboard with our shopping! This year, I want you to try the “five gift rule”! So…what is the five gift rule?

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What is the five gift rule?

This concept is super simple! Instead of buying your kids a ton of gifts, you’re only going to buy your kids:

  1. Something to wear. Maybe a new outfit, some new PJs, or a new dress-up outfit.
  2. Something to read. This is hard for me because children’s books are one of my favorite things to buy, BUT deep down I know that more than one book isn’t truly necessary….
  3. Something they want. Here’s where you can check something off their list! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your kids have asked for a few toys, but you know what? They don’t need everything that they asked for. Plus, other people can also contribute to the toy buying. And keep in mind how many toys they already have!
  4. Something they need. This category is nice and broad. Maybe they need: something for their bedroom; new shoes; a new coat… and just because they “need” it, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!
  5. An experience. This is my favorite. First, it can be something SUPER fun. Second, it doesn’t add to the “stuff” pile that you already have going in your house! This year my parents are gifting the girls swim lessons. The girls are THRILLED, my parents are happy to support the development of an important life skill, and I don’t have to figure out where to put a new set of toys. #winwinwin

So what do you think? Is this something you’d be willing to try out this holiday season? Tell me in the comments!

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