What’s “quick tidy” and why should you be doing them?

Does the mess in your house feel out of control? Are you paralyzed with where even start? As a busy mama, I know that you don’t always have time for a deep clean, but I promise there is a way to start tackling the mess without getting overwhelmed! Let me introduce you to the art of a quick tidy.

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What’s a quick tidy?

A quick tidy is VERY simple:

  1. Pick a chore to work on, or a room in your house to tidy.
  2. Set a time for somewhere between 10-30 minutes.
  3. During that time you’re going to be doing a power clean; get as much done as you can in the time that you’ve set.
  4. Do this at least once a day, Monday-Friday.

Why You Should Be Doing Them

A quick tidy is going to allow you to:

  • Concentrate on a specific task, instead of bouncing around and cleaning up a bunch of random stuff. You’ll accomplish more cleaning when you focus on one task, or room, at a time.
  • Avoid overwhelm. By picking once specific area to clean, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed about the entire house. That’s future you’s problem!
  • Get into a cleaning rhythm. I try and do my quick tidy around the same time every day (before my daughter starts virtual schooling), so that the rest of the day I can relax in a clean(er) home. Maybe the best time for you is during naps, or right after the kids are in bed.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment. Girl, look at what you just did! You put away all the laundry, your kitchen is sparkling!

When you start completing at least one quick tidy a day, you’ll be amazed at the results! Those 10-30 minutes of cleaning start to add up fast.

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