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Why Every Home Needs A Command Center

I (passionately) believe that every home needs a “command center”, especially if that home has multiple adults + children. A command center can contain numerous components, but the most IMPORTANT PART of any command center is a calendar that everyone can write on. The household needs a central reference for the what’s going on that day, week, month or even year… One calendar to rule them all… alright, I’ll stop with the pop culture references now 😀 #nerdalert

For example, my husband often goes golfing once or twice a week. He needs to be able to see what I’ve got going on, so that he doesn’t book a tee time that interferes with my schedule. Then, once he’s booked that tee time, he knows he has to put it on the command center calendar, or I’m not tracking it.

I’m not saying that you can’t have your own calendar going somewhere else (I’ve got a Google calendar going on my phone), but I’d really encourage you to get a family calendar going somewhere in your home. That way, no one has the excuse that they “didn’t know what was going on”, or “forgot about that thing”. I’m not saying you’ll never hear those words again, but at least when you DO hear those words you can jab your finger at the command center with a raised eyebrow.

Your command center DOES NOT have to be this giant thing that takes up an entire wall. It can be something that’s tucked on the back of the pantry door, or in your mudroom. Or, you can be extra like me and make it a feature wall in your kitchen LOL.

Having trouble visualizing what your command center needs to look like? Never fear, because I’ve gathered a few of my favorites from around Pinterest!

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For Small Spaces:

I know that not everyone has a ton of space to dedicate to command center, so here are some ideas for small command centers!

For Larger Spaces:

If you’ve got some space to really go all out, these are some of my favorite command centers of all time. HOLY ORGANIZATION.

Done For You:

Not everyone is as obsessed with command centers as I am (it’s fiiiine), so if you need a quick solution here are two of my favorite options!

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Don’t forget to pin this idea for later!

Command Center Pin

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