Why Every Plant Mom (& Dad) Needs Noot Fertilizer

Recently I had a friend say “I swear you give your plants crack”, and while I don’t give them actual drugs, I DO give them an awesome fertilizer called Noot! I truly believe that every plant mom (and dad) needs to be giving their plants Noot fertilizer. I haven’t found anything else as easy, or powerful, on the market!

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Noot Fertilizer

What is Noot?

Noot is a liquid fertilizer that contains “18 organic ingredients with ancient strains of beneficial bacteria that keep your plants alive + thriving”. You simply mix Noot with water and water your plants as you normally would. How easy is that!?

Does it work?

I wouldn’t be writing this post if it didn’t work (#duh), BUT let me give you an example of my experience with it.

My biggest Noot growth has been with my fiddle leaf fig. I purchased the fiddle leaf fig at the end of March, and for MONTHS absolutely nothing changed on the plant. It didn’t drop any leaves, it didn’t show any growth. You seriously could have mistaken it for a fake plant!

Then I started using Noot with my normal waterings, and after a month that crazy thing was growing TWELVE new leaves! All my fiddle leaf fig parents know how INSANE that is.

Where can you purchase Noot?

Currently you can purchase Noot via their website (affiliate link*). They just had a complete overhaul on their website and checking out is a breeze!

* Purchasing via this affiliate link does not affect your pricing, but I do receive points towards Noot rewards. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

How much does it cost?

You have a few options when shopping, but the best way to buy Noot is via their monthly subscription option. Their current “welcome offer” is as follows:

Enough Noot for 7 gallons of water in 2 glass tubes ($19) + a free measuring syringe ($5) in your first month for only $9. Free shipping.

Other monthly membership perks include:

  • Access to the Noot Growers Club to earn Noot Points
  • Redeem Noot Points for bonus tubes whenever you want them
  • Earn a bonus tube (3.5 gallons worth) each month with a social media post (100 Noot Points) 
  • Earn bonus tubes for each friend you refer as a customer

You can edit / cancel your subscription at any time via their website! Like, say your plant collection has gotten out of control and you need to add more Noot to your monthly order, totally an option! Not that I have experience with that or anything…

Other Great Things About Noot:

  • Their packaging is free of plastic waste!
  • All packaging is recyclable
  • When you’ve used all of your Noot, you can reuse the glass tubes to propagate new plant babies!

If you give Noot a try, please let me know! I can’t wait to see your plant babies flourish 🙂

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Noot Fertilizer

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