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Why Moms Need To Stop Sacrificing Sleep

I know that in order to accomplish everything on your list, you’re willing to sacrifice sleep. Whether it’s staying up later, or getting up earlier, you’re losing precious time to rest so that you can accomplish all the housework, your actual work, or to just simply have some peace and quiet. But when you push sleep to the bottom of you priority list, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. In this post I’m going to break down why moms need to stop sacrificing sleep.

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Why Moms Need to Stop Sacrificing Sleep

Insufficient Sleep & Health Problems

Did you know that chronic insufficient sleep is linked to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, mood disorders, and depression?

I know that I’m more irritable when I’m tired; my fuse with my kids is a whole lot shorter. But if I manage to get a good night’s rest, I’m in a better mood and much more likely to be patient with my kids that day. I’m more willing to deal with their silly antics.

We have so many other outside factors affecting our health, why not cross one off the list by getting a good night’s rest?

You’re More Productive When You’ve Gotten Good Sleep

“Insufficient sleep doesn’t give us more hours, it just makes us less productive in the time we do have.”


In an interview with Motherly, Terry Cralle, an RN, certified clinical sleep expert and the spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council, says “You’ll do better if you get the recommended amount of sleep every night, not just on the weekends. If you consistently get a sufficient amount of sleep you’re going to do more in fewer hours, you’re going to be more productive, and you’re going to be happier, you’re going to be healthier, and a whole lot of other things that are really life-changing.”

If you can get more sleep, you’ll have more energy. When you have more energy, you can get more done. It’s that simple! Would you rather stay up late getting things done, only to drag ass the next day OR would you rather get a good night’s rest and then have more brain power to tackle your tasks the next day?

Reprioritizing Sleep

I do NOT want you to sacrifice your alone time, because I know just how precious that is. But I DO want you to be smarter about how you’re using up the hours in your day. How much time are you wasting between tasks? What empty hours are being sucked out of your day that you could have used to do something productive (or something for yourself?)? I see you mindlessly scrolling on Instagram….

I want you working smarter, not harder. You have to get really good at determining what HAS to get done today, versus what can wait until tomorrow. Because at the end of the day, we should be putting SLEEP at the top of our priority list. Good sleep is the snowball effect to a positive, productive day and a healthy life.

And I know that depending on how old your kids are, consistent sleep just isn’t possible, because they’re up throughout the night. But for those of you with children that are old enough to sleep through the night, it’s your responsibility to prioritize YOUR sleep. You have a bedtime routine for your kids so that they sleep better, why not have one for yourself for the same reason? 

Have I convinced you that moms need to stop sacrificing sleep? What would getting better sleep mean for you? How would that change your daily routine?

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Why Moms Need to Stop Sacrificing Sleep

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