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Why You Need To Start Meal Planning

I know that the word “meal plan” makes a lot of people nervous. But I’m here to break down the benefits for you, because mama: Once you get dinners organized, a huge chunk of your evening stress disappears. We’re going to start small, with just dinner meal planning. Because this is the meal where your entire household is (probably) gathered to eat at once; it’s your biggest cooking task of the day.

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Save Time & Money:

If you plan out an entire week’s worth of dinners, you limit the number of times that you need to hit up the grocery store. Imagine only needing to go to the grocery store once a week. And, because you know exactly what you’re cooking each night, you’re less likely to buy random stuff. Or, too much of something…I see those veggies going to waste in your bottom drawer….

I’m a big Kroger ClickList fan: Order online, choose your pick-up time and let them do the work for you. There’s always the chance for errors, but it’s worth it to avoid the stress of wandering around a grocery store right now.

I go to the store on the same day each week, it’s become a habit. When you make it a habit, it becomes part of your routine. When it’s routine, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable and actually do the damn thing.

Save Time & Stress:

I understand the struggle, it’s 5pm and everyone is getting loud and hangry. You open the fridge and then you have no idea how to turn the ingredients you see into an actual meal.

If you plan out your dinners for an entire week, you know what your options are. You don’t even have to cook them in a specific order, but at least you know what you have the ingredients for. You’ve limited your options to a few specific things. No more guesswork, just grab the ingredients and get to it.

Bring Variety to Your Menu:

Have you caught yourself cooking the same stuff week after week? If you meal plan, you can ensure there’s variety in your menu!

I have Pinterest boards dedicated to meal planning. Every week I try and make sure that I have at least ONE new thing on our menu.

This is also a great chance to ask your friends and family what they love cooking for dinner! Use that village!

Do you create a dinner meal plan each week? What do you love about meal planning?

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